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Official Show Guide
The IBS Official Show Guide is the source of information for IBS exhibits and educational sessions and is used by nearly all IBS attendees. This publication has exhibit hall floor plans, alphabetical exhibitor and product listings and a complete listing of daily events and education. Estimated print circulation is at least 50,000.

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Official Show Guide Premium Positions

Front Cover Barn Door Advertising: $19,950
Belly Band (production costs extra): $17,000
Back Cover (Cover 4): $12,250
Inside Front Cover Opening Spread (includes Cover 2): $16,500
Inside Front Cover (Cover 2): $10,750
Inside Back Cover (Cover 3): $8,500
Premium Pages in First Section (before first Tab Divider): $6,000

Divider Tabs
Tab 1, Sides 1 & 2 – IBS Centrals & Events: $6,500 each
Tab 2, Sides 1 & 2 – IBS Education Sessions & Floor Forums: $6,500 each
Tab 3, Sides 1 & 2 – IBS Floor Plans & Featured Exhibitors: $6,500 each
Tab 4, Sides 1 & 2 – Exhibitors & IBS Products: $6,500 each

Official Show Guide Standard Positions
Two-Page Spread: $8,750
Full-Page: $5,250
Half-Page Vertical or Horizontal: $3,950
Quarter-Page: $2,500
Product Category Logo (2” H X 3” W): $1,700
Featured Product Listing: $3,500

• Ad materials deadline will be November 17, 2017
• 20% premium for all specified placements
• Qualified agencies are eligible for a 15% discount

2017 Official Show Guide


Product Category Advertisements
For highly targeted advertising, you can place your message at the top of your product categories in the Official Show Guide.

Promotional Investment:
$1,700 per product category

Product Category Advertisements


Featured Product Listing
If you have a product you want to promote, this is the place to do it. You’ll receive a dedicated full page for you to supply one or two product photos or a company logo and 400-500 words of text. Your Featured Product Listing will run in the special 16-page Exhibitor Product Showcase section of the Show Guide.

Promotional Investment:
$3,500 per page (limited to sixteen)

Featured Product Listing

IBS Passport
The IBS Passport is included in the Pre-Registration Credential Packet and also distributed at the Show with an estimated print run of 40,000. The Passport includes:

• Show Schedule
• Multiple entry forms for prizes given away at the Show
• Food & Beverage Coupon(s)
• Ad materials due mid-October 2017

Passport Advertising Position
Back Cover (Cover 4): $4,500
Inside Front Cover (Cover 2): $3,750
Inside Back Cover (Cover 3): $3,250

IBS Passport

Design & Construction Week Fold-Out Map
The DCW Fold-Out Map will provide attendees with a useful, easy to read map of the DCW exhibit halls at the Orange County Convention Center, major events, DCW exhibitor listing and more.

Promotional Investment:
$45,000 (exclusive)

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