General Info

Exhibit Space Points Earned for IBS Marketing Purchases

Exhibit priority points are awarded for IBS marketing. NAHB will allocate one exhibit space seniority point for every $8,500 net spent on marketing (ads, banners, online ads, sponsorships, etc.) at the 2018 IBS.

Advertising Agency Discounts Offered

NAHB offers the standard 15% agency commissions to all recognized agencies that buy print advertising in any of the 2018 IBS print publications.

KBIS Advertising or Sponsorships

As an exhibitor in the IBS you can take advantage of any of the KBIS sponsorships and/or advertising opportunities. If you want to reach the KBIS audience through any of the sponsorships that KBIS offers, please let us know and we will connect you with a KBIS sales professional.

Your IBS Marketing Team:

Lynn Margiotta
Assistant Vice President, Sponsorship Sales & Business Development
Companies: # and A-F
(202) 266-8685 direct

Andrew Flank
Director, Business Development
Companies: G-O
(202) 266-8059 direct

Steve Bunce
Director, Sponsorship Sales
Companies: P-Z
(202) 266-8690 direct

Email us: IBSMarketing@nahb.org