THE NEW AMERICAN HOME® is one of NAHB’s most successful and visible programs produced and presented by the NAHB Leading Suppliers Council. The design, construction and amenities are market driven, and showcase the latest in innovative products for the future of home building.

Since its inception in 1984, The New American Home® has been built to showcase NAHB supplier members' products, making it a highly visible in-kind sponsorship program. The home has the distinction of being both a show house and a for-sale product, balancing architectural freedom and the bottom line. It is a collection of ideas for the industry to take away – in large pieces, or bit-by bit – and put into millions of homes across the country each year.

The show home demonstrates Builders' Best Practices: concepts, materials, designs and construction techniques that can be replicated – in whole or in part – in housing built any place and in any price range. Incorporating such elements as the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, safety and universal design as well as market value is a principal goal of The New American Home program. Its mission is to show that housing performance can be incorporated into the most simple or most complex homes, and that it’s equally as important as aesthetics.

The NAHB Leading Suppliers Council cosponsors the construction of this house with Professional Builder Magazine. The New American Home is the official showcase house of the annual International Builders' Show. A preview of the home is featured exclusively in Professional Builder Magazine and several other selected consumer trade publications and after construction is also featured in numerous local, national and international media publications and major networks, generating much excitement in the industry. The New American Home is opened for scheduled tours to registered show attendees during the International Builders' Show.

NAHB Leading Suppliers Council

The NAHB Leading Suppliers Council is the association group dedicated to supporting the activities of NAHB and to keeping the housing industry healthy and flourishing.

Chartered in 1964 and formerly known as the National Council of the Housing Industry, LSC is comprised of nationally known product and service suppliers to the housing industry who are committed partners. Members support many of the functions and activities of NAHB’s other committees and councils. Through its efforts, LSC serves all NAHB members and associations throughout the federation by advancing industry positions and showcasing the best products the industry has to offer.

Member companies are trusted and recognized leaders in the construction field who have earned reputations for reliable service and innovative products. Approximately 43% of the exhibition space at the annual International Builders' Show is occupied by LSC members.

From acting as committee liaisons to financial sponsors, the diverse talents within the member companies of LSC make it a unique resource for aiding in problem-solving on a variety of issues related to providing better housing for Americans. LSC members help keep NAHB strong and working to keep the housing industry a key player on the national scene.