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The New American Home is built to showcase the latest technology in the home building industry. Historically the approach has been to accomplish this through a “one of a kind” custom home that would provide the spaces and the price point to showcase such advanced products. For 2015 the home will demonstrate how the most cutting-edge building technology, products and materials can be integrated into a production community. As such, Blue Heron created as a production floor plan for the 2015 New American Home to be sold and built with various structural and finish options in the Sky Terrace new home community. It is a collection of ideas for the industry to take away -- in large pieces, or bit-by bit -- and put into millions of homes at any price point across the country.

There has always been a requirement in the industry to consider that new home buyers are looking for an experience that allows them to make a production floor plan feel like a unique custom home built specifically for them. In addition to the home's efficiencies and production nature the incredible aesthetic has not been compromised and the home will be as breathtaking and sophisticated as any true custom home. In short it will represent a way for builders to create an amazing value and a completely custom feel in a production environment.

The home will also represent an exciting new opportunity for the suppliers as the options shown in TNAH can be immediately rolled into mass production. Suppliers will have the opportunity to showcase their products and materials in the context of new home “production.” Builders will be able to view their latest innovations as practical and cost effective solutions that they can offer to their clients. The TNAH show home concept is the perfect way to demonstrate this.


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