NAHB Association
Management Conference

Aug 20-22 | Salt Lake City, Utah



Keynotes & General Sessions

Opening Keynote: ROCKIN' Your Leadership: The 3 Beats That Will Attract, Retain & Inspire Your Team with Mimi Brown

Tuesday, August 20 | 1:00 – 2:15 PM

Mimi Brown

Known for her ability to inspire and empower individuals and organizations, Mimi Brown is kicking off AMC in our opening keynote, ROCKIN' Your Leadership: The 3 Beats That Will Attract, Retain & Inspire Your Team. Using a vast array of musical genres to illustrate the link between music and leadership, Mimi Brown shows how music is a universal language that brings people together, and exceptional leaders strive to do the same: to encourage, empower and move people just like the melody of your favorite song.

Learn from Mimi how to:

  • Apply the practical leadership lessons embedded in music to your personal leadership philosophy
  • Attract, retain and motivate others by igniting the song in them
  • Drive productivity and performance by embracing your two important roles as a rockstar leader

General Session: Dying to Laugh, How to Be Happy When Your Life is a Mess with Stacy Pederson

Wednesday, August 21 | 9 – 10:30 AM

Stacy Pederson

In Dying to Laugh, How to Be Happy When Your Life is a Mess, Stacy Pederson utilizes comedy, characters and good ol’ fashioned facts for a lighter take on a serious subject. Stacy shares how she went from losing everything, including almost losing her life, in a three-week time period. It was through this process of loss that Stacy learned how to truly live. 

Learn 7 actionable steps on how to stress less, enjoy life more, and be HAPPY…even at work. This talk is practical, poignant, entertaining, funny AND will help your bottom line.

General Session: Awaken Your Inner Advocate with Andora Hinton

Wednesday, August 21 | 4-5 PM

Andora Hinton

Fear can be paralyzing and when you are speaking up and advocating for yourself, is it really fear that is the issue?

In Awaken Your Inner Advocate, Andora Hinton will lead you on a journey of self-exploration as you identify your barriers to speaking up while, at the same time, gain confidence to unleash your inner advocate for stronger communication patterns, increased results in getting what you want, and collaborative relationships that are beneficial for all.

Closing Keynote: Rules for Amazement with Jon Petz

Thursday, August 22 | 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Jon Petz

Best-selling author and the world’s only “Amazement Artist,” Jon Petz is wrapping up AMC for us as our closing keynote, Rules for Amazement. Jon empowers you to experience the true sense of amazement and then use those moments in your culture, sales, services and relationships to create more value in who you are and what you do.

Discover practical solutions to real-world professional challenges and opportunities through masterful storytelling, engagement and entertainment from the former sales executive and a professional magician with his, one-of-a-kind blend of expertise.

Learn three essential rules for amazement and how to apply them. Carry these rules with you, ready to create more value in every facet of your life and work, making you and your teams even more valuable.



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