Demetrio Jiminez

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About Demetrio:

For more than 20 years, Demetrio Jimenez has devoted himself to the multifamily apartment industry and grown into a key voice for supporting for affordable housing from the community to the state level. As owner and president of Tropicana Properties, he has proven himself as a mainstay within the El Paso apartment industry. With an unchecked enthusiasm and innovative mindset, Jimenez has bred his own unique style, allowing him to succeed as an owner and president of a company, but further so to shine as an advocate, representative, board member and trustee to many associations and committees attached to the apartment industry. Few men have the passion and vision that Jimenez puts forth with all his endeavors, his continuing advocacy for the affordable housing industry and being a proponent of community outreach. There is truly no task great or demanding enough for Demetrio Jimenez, a bona fide man of action and work ethic that is unparalleled; no task laid before him is left undone. A selfless individual whose leadership experience and dedication to success catches on with all those who cross his path, it is no surprise that he has developed into one of the gold standards of the industry throughout his community and beyond.


El Paso, Texas


Tropicana Properties


Demetrio Jiminez