Broadstone Arden

WINNER   | Best Low-Rise Apartment Community

Best Low-Rise Apartment Community

Nominated By: Architects Orange and H. Hendy Associates

Location: Santa Ana, Calif.

Project Statement:

Broadstone Arden is a comprehensive housing environment in central Orange County that exemplifies sophistication, comfort and trendy living. As the first of three designer housing developments the community will see in this new go-to destination called Park and Paseo, Broadstone Arden is the pioneer multifamily residence laying the groundwork for the community as a whole. Neighboring properties are underway and will share the central park and plaza, outdoor social spaces, an outdoor art exhibition, and a retail collection for cafes, shops and restaurants. With a goal to create a custom living experience for residents, the team utilized extensive demographic research to effectively differentiate Broadstone Arden from neighboring developments. A segmentation strategy was completed to tailor target markets for each multifamily community. The results were character traits, professions and preferences for each group, as specific as what kind of car they drive. Broadstone Arden was created to fill the design-savvy need for Orange County’s thrivers, a group categorized as young professionals with strong ambitions and style. The amenity package aligned with this group’s desire for work/life balance and love of finer things, with the golf simulator room, salt room with spa and rooftop pool deck. Delivering on Alliance Residential’s commitment to developing a desirable, refined space, the interior design was inspired by the building’s exterior architectural elements. Boasting naturally modern architecture in an otherwise traditional Orange County, an unusual harmony between forms and textures develops the desired dramatic effect. Geometric shapes form layers with repeating elements and sophisticated darks contrast with jewel tones. This theme of geometric elements continues throughout the space with a terrazzo floor inlay of extended hex, jewel tone molding on the ceiling, and an octagonal glass conference room in the clubhouse. The result is a hip, new enclave serving Orange County’s most elegant trendsetters.


Alliance Residential


Architects Orange

General Contractor:

Alliance Residential Builders

Interior Designer:

H. Hendy Associates


Adrian Tiemens, V.I. Photography & Design, Paul Vu, Slav Zatoka Images and Blue Lens Factory

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