Jefferson Reserve

FINALIST   | Best Garden Apartment Community

Best Garden Apartment Community

Nominated By: JHP Architecture / Urban Design

Location: Richardson, Texas

Project Statement:

Jefferson Reserve is a new development in the fast-paced growing Cityline area of Richardson, Texas. The Cityline neighborhood houses major corporations such as State Farm, which was relocated to the new development. It sits off the Cityline/Bush station, which is attractive to residents who want an urban home and the accessibility of a transit neighborhood. The development adds more than 400 units to the wooded area, once a nature preserve. Next door is another development by the same owner that JHP designed as well, Jefferson Vantage, which has a higher density and adds 420 units to the master development. Jefferson Vantage sits on a large 15-acre site with a historical marker right in the center of the development. A 100-year-old graveyard sits in the middle of the parking lot. By addressing the historical item, which some may think is an eyesore, it has been activated as a unique and inspiring part of the community. A stream currently runs between the Vantage and Reserve developments, and trail access from both properties promotes an active lifestyle for residents to enjoy the urban, healthy living lifestyle in Richardson.




JHP Architecture / Urban Design

General Contractor:

JPI Construction

Interior Designer:

SJL Design Group


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