Penn Eleven

FINALIST   | Best Condominium Community

Best Condominium Community

Nominated By: Hickok Cole Architects

Location: Washington, D.C.

Project Statement:

Capitol Hill’s iconic Frager’s Hardware had provided the neighborhood with home improvement and building supplies for nearly 100 years until the summer of 2013 when most of the building caught fire and burned down. With only two sides of the brick façade remaining, the new property owner and developer transformed what was left of the original structure into a mixed-use residential building, helping to alleviate the cost of construction and facilitate the local hardware store’s triumphant return to the neighborhood. Working closely with the Historic Preservation Review Board, the team managed to salvage and incorporate most of the original façade and preserve the street-level impact of the historic building by designing the additional levels to step back at each new floor. A new infill piece provides a modern interpretation of the original building, and a new location for the returning hardware store and new residential lobby. Behind the restored façades, the ground floor offers gracious retail and restaurant space, bringing this section of the Capitol Hill neighborhood back to life. The resulting Penn Eleven residence represents a new chapter of the Frager’s story and helps to extend the Capitol Hill neighborhood further south. A Pennsylvania Avenue address lends subtle sophistication and a sense of community to the residence. Penn Eleven comprises 34 units, eight of which are considered Inclusionary Zoning units to help diversify the neighborhood and make the development more accessible to lower-income families. Inspired by the history and character of the neighborhood, units range from one to three bedrooms, with the option of a den, and are traditionally designed for an elegant combination of efficiency and quality.


Perseus Realty + Javelin19 Investments


Hickok Cole Architects

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Grunley Construction

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Ulf Wallin Photography and MP Commercial Photography

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