EO Summer Series:
Keynotes & Conversations

August 3, 10, 17 & 24


Workforce Development

Speakers: Greg Zick, AVP of Workforce Development, NAHB and Karima Simmons, Director of Development & Communications, National Housing Endowment

HBA’s can help their communities grow and prosper through the creation of meaningful workforce development and education initiatives. Local industry associations are encouraged to play a role in the solution by partnering with schools and the community. This session highlights best practices for working with local schools, securing funding and planning a career fair, recruiting for construction trades careers and everyday examples from other.

Neuroscience of Creativity 

Speaker: Tim Lansford, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Construction/Real Estate

Happy people tend to be more creative and productive at work; they can see the big picture, generate more creative ideas, collaborate and build enduring social connections. In a world where organizations require people to solve increasingly complex problems, and make quick decisions under pressure, harnessing the brain’s creative potential has never been more vital. This session focuses on building a positive emotional environment that enables a person's brain to perform at their creative best to boost creative output, collaboration and learning.

Member Retention

Speakers: Isabel Shocket, Director of Membership Growth & Development, NAHB and Anna Tilley, Consultant, HBA Advisory Services, NAHB

The best way to make sure your new members become members for life is to have a plan in place before they join. This session will help your association build a winning strategy to keep more of your members by starting the recruitment and retention process well before you ask them to join.

Working with Volunteers

Speaker: Shari Pash, Membership and Growth Strategist

This session discusses and introduces tools to ensure that your volunteers and volunteer leadership represent your diverse membership. You’ll learn how to create opportunity profiles that streamline your volunteer recruitment and uncover the best match for sustainability. The tools needed for sustainable volunteer development include: interviewing, job descriptions, expectations, orientation and training.