Arbor Terrace Fulton - Fulton Model


Best 55+ Interior Merchandising of a Model up to 2,000 sq. ft.

NOMINATED BY: Faulkner Design Group

PROJECT STATEMENT: This progressive community utilizes memory-provoking decor, such as digital screens displaying personalized photography, that transports residents back home. The pinnacle of this unique, daring property is the model unit. A bold color scheme of blue, mustard and orange resembles a scenic autumn in Fulton. Designers used memory-stimulating decor such as books on travel, artwork portraying foreign excursions, and detailed kitchen finishes that include a wall of intricately designed plates and vivid blue wine bottles that establish a well-traveled ambience.

  • DEVELOPER: Capitol Senior Housing
  • BUILDER: Forrester Construction
  • ARCHITECT: BCT Architects
  • INTERIOR DESIGNER: Faulkner Design Group
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Green Sofa Productions