Alto Buckhead


Best 55+ Repositioned or Repurposed Project

NOMINATED BY: Faulkner Design Group

PROJECT STATEMENT: Alto Buckhead uses innovative design tactics that discreetly promote safety, efficiency and social interaction. Initial design inspiration came from the caregivers and staff who desired a brighter, livelier space for residents to enjoy engaging in activities. The design team was challenged with a budget that only allowed for a light renovation. 

The lobby's grand staircase, unnecessary walls and over-scaled fireplaces were removed, creating an open, lobby-meets-lounge concept. Outdated light fixtures were modernized, rooms were repainted, and televisions were incorporated in the elevator lobbies for wayfinding and information. 

These upgrades, along with a redistribution of furniture, improved accessibility and gives the appearance of a physical expansion.  

  • DEVELOPER: Braemar Partners
  • BUILDER: The Macallan Group
  • ARCHITECT: Niles Bolton Associates
  • INTERIOR DESIGNER: Faulkner Design Group
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Green Sofa Productions