The Michaels Organization

WINNER   |   Property Management Firm of the Year

Property Management Firm of the Year

About the Michaels Organization:

The Michaels Organization brings comprehensive solutions to communities that jumpstart education, civic engagement and neighborhood prosperity. Our business is more than bricks and mortar and pretty buildings and well-kept lawns. Our business is about people. Our success is rooted in our ability to effectively collaborate. For almost half a century now, The Michaels Organization has created a legacy that can be summed up in one phrase: "The world's a better place to live wherever we build and manage it." From residents to community leaders, to local businesses, to public officials and our housing partners, we build consensus. We engage stakeholders to target needs and envision solutions. Out of this visioning, we produce master development plans that reshape entire neighborhoods and communities and lift the lives of everyone. We generate long-term value for our residents, communities, partners and investors. In 35 states with over 135,000 residents currently served, we do it all. We offer integrated capabilities in development, management, construction and finance, and are committed to crafting housing solutions that enhance communities and uplift lives. A Michaels neighborhood is a beautiful, bustling place to call home and a launching pad for people to move to the next level of their lives.

location:                   Camden, N.J.

Leader:                       Kimberlee Schreiber

website:                    the Michaels Organization