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About Taylor:

Taylor Brown joined The NRP Group in 2005 when he was 23 years old and has progressed to the next level at NRP on average every two years since he started. In 2016, at the age of 33, Taylor was named an NRP Principal and President of NRP Construction. In the three years since becoming an NRP owner and President of NRP Construction, Taylor's team has generated $1.1 billion in construction revenue, has expanded the NRP Construction employee base by 72% from 87 to 150, has achieved a No. 6 ranking on the 2019 Top Multifamily Builders list, and has founded a third-party construction business that will start 1,200 units in 2019 and has already generated a 2020 pipeline of 2,400 units — a number that would land it as a stand-alone business at No. 26 on the 2019 Top National Multifamily Builders list. As a construction VP around 2011, Taylor was asked to be the construction lead on a team that was tasked with starting a market-rate business to provide an add-on to the core NRP affordable business. Through this collaboration, the market-rate business took off and has now delivered 39 projects representing nearly 11,000 units at $1.5 billion at cost, with another $1.3 billion in the pipeline. Furthermore, The NRP Group has sold 21 market rate assets during this time frame, which have generated a sale-over-cost upside of $336 million ($1.3 billion in sales on a cost of $940 million). Since Taylor began at NRP in 2005, it has grown from 128 team members to 785, from 1,500 unit starts per year to nearly 4,500, and from $140 million in core company revenue to nearly $550 million. Through all of this, Taylor has been a key driver of NRP success.

location:                     Cleveland

organization:            The NRP Group

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