Aurum Falls River

WINNER   | Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Unit

Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Unit

Nominated By:      Cortland Design
Location:                Raleigh, N.C.

Project Statement:

Aurum Falls River transforms an out-of-date apartment community from the late '90s to a sleek and modern space that conveys the high level of detail and luxury that the owners want. The team performed a complete gut and replace for all fixtures and finishes, including flooring, lighting, cabinetry and appliances. Cortland Design used large-scaled furniture to deliberately showcase the spacing capabilities of the 1,041-square-foot unit. The design intent is to create a model that is inspired by bold colors and patterns with influences from fashion and high-end residential design by incorporating lush fabrics, paint, wallcoverings and accessories, making it a place where residents can envision themselves.

Developer:                         Cortland

Architect:                          Cortland Design

General Contractor:    Cortland Build

Interior Designer:          Cortland Design

Photographer:                Jason Jones PhotograPHy

Project Website:            Aurum Falls River