Cortland Southpark Meadows

FINALIST   | Best Interior Merchandising of a Common Area

Best Interior Merchandising of a Common Area

Nominated By:      Cortland Design
Location:  Austin, Texas

Project Statement:

Cortland Southpark Meadows is in a southeast Austin suburb, the ideal location for those looking to live within proximity to downtown but want the affordability and convenience of south Austin. The popular area is close to great outdoor recreation, such as Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, and excellent shopping at Barton Creek Mall. Designers sought to design a modern and stylish community married with the energy of downtown Austin. Keep Austin Weird, with suburban living through art, color and local influences. A space that felt comfortable for families but hip enough for established millennials. Within the 5,100 square feet of space, the client needed sales space for the leasing staff that included private offices, as well as gathering and entraining spaces for the residences. Much like residential design, the designers sought to create an element of conversation with displaying the art on the ceiling. The white walls are intentional so that your eye can immediately be drawn toward the ceiling. Keeping with that energy, the Resident Lounge has a nine-island where residents can enjoy a latte or cup of coffee from the Starbucks coffee bar. The space also has multiple seating areas for entertaining and is rentable for private events. Just through doors of the resident lounge is the fitness center that overlooks the pools. With co-working spaces becoming more and more popular, designers wanted to create an environment where residents felt comfortable to leave their home and work, conduct meetings or even study. Incorporating influences from the Austin culture, designers selected six oversized pop art speakers to adorn the back wall.  The interior styling and merchandising of the amenity is authentic to the fun, relaxed and color vibes of Austin, allowing residents to extend their living beyond the four walls of their apartment.

Developer:                         Cortland

Architect:                          Spring Architects

General Contractor:    Cortland Design

Interior Designer:          Cortland Design

Photographer:                Jason Jones PhotograpHy

Project Website:             Cortland Southpark Meadows