WINNER   |   Best Garden Apartment Community

Best Garden Apartment Community

Nominated By:      The Wolff Company
Location:                Issaquah, Wash.

Project Statement:

This site challenged the development and design teams to provide much-needed family-friendly housing in the growing Issaquah market while committing to the preservation of lush public parklands and wetlands. As a continuation of downtown Issaquah’s steady development march westwards, Anthology seamlessly integrates into its ecological surroundings while meeting these demands. By consolidating the building area around a loop road and employing tuck-under parking, surface parking was minimized, allowing a neighborhood-scale development that encourages walking and connections to nature. To facilitate a sense of community and provide eyes on the street, entrances to ground-level residential units open directly to a through-block corridor, a street with a neighborhood park, or a woonerf court. Upper-level units share a common entrance, also facing a main circulation route. Human-scale design and walkability is emphasized throughout the neighborhood. Both the clubhouse and outdoor community space are located at the intersection of the site’s green through-block corridors, providing safe, vehicle-free access to all units and further encouraging neighbor interaction. The building design was inspired by brightly colored Scandinavian villages with steeply pitched roofs. This style, along with the use of traditional materials, also acts as a nod to the site’s history as farm country. The restrained color used throughout the project adds elements of continuity and distinction to the project while inherently building a sense of wayfinding. The Red Barn Clubhouse is a community gathering space and a vibrant entrance marker offering a welcoming sense of arrival. It includes a game room, kitchen, fitness center and pool. Outdoor recreation, including an onsite park that will be dedicated to the city as a public amenity, offers residents a wealth of activity options right in their backyards. 

Developer:                         The Wolff Company

Architect:                          VIA Architecture

General Contractor:    Exxel Pacific

Interior Designer:          LAIR

Photographer:                 Aaron Locke Photography

Project Website:             Anthology