Vintage at the Crossings

WINNER   |   Best 55+ Multifamily Development

Best 55+ Multifamily Development

Nominated By:      Humphreys & partners                                               
Location:               Reno, Nev.

Project Statement:

Reno is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, primarily from the exodus from California’s Bay area. Nevada’s low-tax and pro-business environment led to massive new job creation with tech companies such as TESLA’s Gigafactory, Panasonic, Apple, Google, Amazon, Switch and others. The resulting job creation created a large population increase, as well as a severe housing shortage that led housing prices and rents to double over the past four years. Rent hikes severely affected seniors on limited fixed incomes who can no longer afford market-rate rents. Many individuals aged 55 and older were forced into substandard housing, overcrowded living conditions, weekly motel rentals and even homelessness. Market-rate rents in the area are nearly double the affordable rents at this community. Rents at Vintage at the Crossings are affordable — approximately half the rate of their former rentals. This affordable senior community had more than 1,000 people on its waiting list before opening and filled up quickly upon completion.

Developer:                          Greenstreet Companies

Architect:                          Humphreys & partners

General Contractor:     Neeser Construction

Interior Designer:          Urban Design Studio

Photographer:                 Digiman Studio

Project Website:             Vintage at the Crossings