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Member Fee: $145.00
Non-Member Fee: $218.00

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Member Fee: $75.00
Non-Member Fee: $110.00

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The Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) designation allows a Certified Graduate Remodeler to gain further recognition for his or her commitment to educational excellence and longevity in the remodeling industry.

By completing the required classes and meeting all GMR requirements, you are eligible to apply for the GMR designation.

GMR Application Instructions

  1. Create a login to, if you do not have one. Your NAHB PIN and Education ID are typically the same. If you are not a NAHB member, please use your Education ID to create your login. If you need assistance, call the NAHB Professional Designation Help Line at 800-368-5242 x8154.
  2. Chose the Premium option, which includes a full graduation kit with your GMR plaque, your GMR lapel pin and other valuable designation resources, or Standard option, which includes a downloadable GMR certificate and access to various online designation resources.
  3. When you add your product to your cart, you acknowledge that you have met all requirements to earn your GMR. You will be able to review and complete the application before finalizing the billing and payment information or return to the application later if you can't fill it out all at one time.
  4. After completing the GMR application, click the Submit button. This will prompt you to fill out the billing information and finalize the payment. The application will not be officially submitted until you have finished the checkout process and paid the application fee. 

For more information or inquiries about this product, contact: Crystal Floyd at 800-368-5242 x8148 or

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