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Electronic Checks Overview

Online purchases may be paid for only one of two ways: via credit card or electronic check. When using an ‘electronic check’ no physical check is required; money is electronically debited from your checking account and provided to NAHB as payment.  Following are some frequently asked questions pertaining to electronic checks. 


What is an Electronic Check versus an echeck or ACH transaction?

An electronic check, 'echeck', and ACH (automatic clearing house) transaction are one and the same - a secure payment made during an online purchase which links directly to a bank account. Electronic checks mimic conventional, paper checks, except the transaction is performed via the Internet.


What items accept Electronic Check payment?

Currently all products on http://www.nahb.org/ including IBS Booth Space and Sponsorship payments may be paid for using electronic checks.   

Do I need a special checking account?

Any U.S.-based checking account that can be debited electronically (is ACH-enabled) may be used. To learn about your account specifics, contact your bank.

Is paying by Electronic Check safe?

Yes. Just like with credit cards, all the information is entered in a secured environment and encrypted when submitted. NAHB does not store your account number or bank information in our system.

How do I enter my checking information at checkout?

To pay using your checking account, simply provide the necessary information and submit your order.  You will be required to supply the following:


You can find your ABA number and account number on the bottom of your check.  The bank routing number is usually first followed by your account number and then usually a check number.  Following is an example of how his appears:



Some banks invert the ABA number and account number on their checks.  If you are unsure about which information is correct, please contract your bank for further instructions. 

How do I proceed if I get an error after submission?

There are many reasons why electronic check submissions may not go though ranging from the ABA number being entered incorrectly to account holder information error.  If www.nahb.org returns an error but the information entered is correct and your account is ACH-enabled, please contact the NAHB Member Service Center at 800-368-5242 and ask to speak with Online and Application Services about ecommerce. Or, you choose to pay your order via a credit card.

Can I use a combination of credit card and check?

No you may not use two methods of payment for a single order.

When will the funds clear my account?

Electronic Check funds are transferred on the same network and following the same guidelines as physical checks. After submission, funds are requested immediately and your account will be debited between 2 and 4 business days.

How are refunds and cancellations handled?

There are two sets of policies regarding cancellations and refunds; one for http://www.nahb.org/ products and one for IBS booth and sponsorship payments.


Can you accept my account information over the phone?

For offline payment of IBS booth space or sponsorships contact (202) 266-8109 or Exposales@nahb.org. For other online products, please contact the product manager for further assistance. If you do not know the product manager, contact the NAHB Member Service Center at 800-368-5242 and ask for help in locating the correct individual.

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