NAHB is the economics information source for America’s housing industry. Available by subscription, provides the latest housing forecasts, market trends, in-depth economic analysis, and archival data relating to the industry. The highly anticipated forecasting and analysis are provided by NAHB’s Economics Group.

Online Subscriptions

  • National Outlook  (4 items)
    Be among the first to receive a monthly economic and housing overview.
  • Special Studies  (184 items)
    An analysis of various topics related to the U.S. housing market and exclusive, ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations including key data.
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  • Builders' Forecast  (4 items)
    Builders’ forecast offers unique forecast types of varied geographic/sector focus. Our forecasts include: State & Metro, Long-Term, Remodeling, Multifamily, and the Executive-Level forecast.
  • Housing Statistics   (10 items)
    Housing Statistics includes more than 43 different sets of data, downloadable either as Excel or PDF files. Housing data and primary indicators of the industry are housed in this easy-to navigate location (updated weekly).