Frequently Asked Questions


When does the awards cycle open? July 11, 2022
When does the awards cycle close? Oct. 7, 2022
When will judging begin? Fall 2022

How and when will applicants receive status notifications? Winners and non-winners will be notified via email and mail regarding the status of their application.

When and where is the awards ceremony? The Best of 55+ Housing Awards ceremony will be held during the 2023 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. Winners will be announced during this event. More details to follow.


Which category should I enter? If you are unsure, try to narrow your choices to those that most closely describe your project and select the category or categories. Review the categories and criteria associated with each category. If you inadvertently choose the wrong category, the judges are permitted to move it to the appropriate category.


How do I know if my project qualifies? Projects must be completed in the two years prior to the application deadline of Oct. 7, 2022.

  • Projects must be completed between Jan. 1, 2020 and Oct. 7, 2022.
  • Projects that previously won a gold award are not eligible to enter again in the same category they won.
  • Do not include identifying information in the application materials. Awards are judged anonymously.
  • Exception: Marketing and Lifestyle categories

Can I enter a project that was entered for last year's competition? Yes. The only stipulations are that it still meets the requirements and that it has not previously received a gold Best of 55+ Housing Award in the same category.

Can I enter a project that has won other awards or been previously published? Yes, so long as it has not been awarded a gold Best of 55+ Housing Award in the same category.

What if another company submitted the project for these awards last year? Can I enter it this year? Projects can only win once per category, regardless of the company who submits. You may submit the same project again if t did not win a gold award.

Can I enter the same project in more than one category? Yes. Projects may qualify to be entered into multiple categories. Review the individual category requirements.

Do you accept entries from outside the United States? Yes. Many international projects have won Best of 55+ Housing Awards, including the most prestigious award – 55+ Community of the Year.


Do I have to be an NAHB member to apply? No. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 55+ Housing Industry Council Members: $300 per entry
  • NAHB Members: $350 per entry
  • Non-Members: $400 per entry

How do I pay? Applicants should complete their application online. Once finalized, applicants should pay with a credit card. We cannot accept refund requests. If you need to make a change to your application after payment has been made, please contact Ellen Wilson at (202) 266-8694 or for assistance.


Are there any discounts available for application fees? Are you a member of NAHB? If so, you can join the 55+ Housing Industry Council now for $100 to take advantage of additional discounted entry fees. Discounted fees will be available immediately after you become a 55+ Housing Industry Council member. Savings on two or more entries is a great return on your investment.


Where do I go to fill out an application? Log in to the awards portal to complete and purchase an application.

Can I submit more photos than required for my entry? No. Submit only what the specific category requires for your entry. Read the individual requirements within the application.

I do not have all of the required images. What should I do? Certain images are required, and your entry will be difficult to judge without those images. Do your best to find images that correspond to the category/categories entered.

Does the submitted floor plan need to be the same floor plan of the model I am entering? Yes. Judges do notice and can disqualify your entry if they are different.


What type of photos are requested in the application? All entry forms ask for professional-quality color photos. You may use photos you took yourself only if they are professional-quality photographs that can be reproduced for publication. Entrants should refer to previous winners for an idea of the standard of photography required.

Do I need to include high-resolution images with my entry packet? Please refer to the photo section on the application for specific sizes. If you are a finalist, you will be required to submit high res photos.

How many photos do I include with my entry packet? Applicants may include up to 15 photos with their application. The number of required photos varies by category and will be highlighted in the application.

Can I or my photographer use photo-enhancing programs? All submitted images must accurately and truthfully reflect the design. Technical enhancements that improve the image are permitted provided that they do not alter the components of the design.

Should names be removed from photos and images? Yes, entries are anonymous for the architectural design categories. Please remove any identifiable marks. Exceptions are the Builder, Associate, Marketing and Lifestyle categories.

Can I include photo captions? Yes. Brief captions detailing what is shown are encouraged and helpful during judging.

Is there a photo release form? Yes. The application may not be completed without agreeing to the terms and conditions governing the uploaded content.

I have a video of my project. Can I submit this? Absolutely! The application process now contains an optional video upload and link question.


Are project entries anonymous? Yes. The judges are not provided any information on the identity of the project team. If a judge recognizes a project as one he/she has worked on, the judge must recuse himself/herself from judging that category. Please do not include any identifying information on photos or plans. Exceptions are the Individual and Firm, Marketing and Lifestyle categories.

Judging Criteria: Please visit the Judging page for more category-specific information.

How are the winners selected? A panel of respected industry professionals will select a set of finalists. Gold and silver winners will be selected from each category of entrants as the judges see fit. Awards may not be given in every category. Innovation awards also may be awarded at the judges' discretion.


Who should I contact if I'd like to sponsor the awards? Contact Don Berey 800-368-5242 x8208 or via email at for more information.