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2020 Building Systems Week Webinar Registration Form

September 21 - 25, 2020 – Registration Now Open!

The first-ever Building Systems Week webinar series – a FREE learning track for manufacturers, builders and developers – is designed to teach newcomers how to implement the latest offsite construction techniques into their next residential construction project; as well as, provide a platform for industry veterans to crowdsource new ideas from some of the most successful pros in the industry.

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My company manufactures prefabricated building components (ex. modular units, structural insulated panels, insulated concrete forms, etc.)
I build homes with a systems-built construction method (ex. modular, panelized, log/timber frame, etc.)
My company supplies goods or services to the systems-built housing industry.
I am not actively involved in manufacturing, building or supplying the systems-built housing industry, but would like to learn more.
* What types of systems-built construction do you want to learn more about? (select any/all that apply)
Modular Construction
Wood-Based Panelized Construction
Concrete-Based Panelized Construction
Log and Timber Frame Construction
* What is your preferred delivery method for learning more about systems-built construction?
Live Webinars/Virtual Presentations
Recorded Videos

2020 Building Systems Week Virtual Attendance

* Programs you are interested in attending (select all that apply)
Keynote Presentation - Bringing a Fractured Industry Together: Modular Mobilization Coalition (Sept. 21)
Panelized Construction: Versatility for Every Project (Sept. 22)
First Time Success with Modular Construction (Sept. 22)
The Impact of Modular & Panelized Construction on Affordable Housing (Sept. 23)
Builder Attitudes Towards Systems Built Construction (Sept. 24)
State of the Offsite Construction Industry (Sept. 25)

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