NOVEL Bishop Arts

FINALIST   | Best Interior Merchandising of a Common Area

Best Interior Merchandising of a Common Area

Nominated By:      Crescent Communities
Location:    Dallas

Project Statement:

NOVEL Bishop Arts is in a unique and eclectic neighborhood just outside of downtown Dallas. It is rich with local restaurants, vibrant shops and famed spots such as The Kessler Theater. The Bishop Arts District/Oak Cliff area is a truly beloved neighborhood. When it came to designing a community that spoke to this fiercely independent neighborhood, Crescent Communities was focused on making sure we hit the right mark. From the get-go, we sought input and buy-in from neighbors, local artists, designers and architects familiar with the history of the area. We dedicated ourselves to ensuring at every turn we were building something that was representative of this special community. We carried that through with great care and purpose with the interior design of the common spaces. Our interior design partner, Vignette Interior Design, has worked with Crescent Communities on several projects, and its acumen for interpreting neighborhood vibe into design made it the perfect partner. The common spaces of the community showcase the dedication to incorporating the local feel, from the hand-sketched designs of iconic places from local landscape architect, Kevin Sloan, then converted into a toile print wallpaper adorning the halls of the entry and mail room, to the local artisans used for light fixtures, woodwork and furniture pieces (banquets in entry and Brewed Coffee). The partnerships with local artists allowed the community to naturally feel like it fit within the greater community. "Novel Bishop Arts is truly a magnificent example of creative style, with well thought-out spaces that reflect the spirit of the hip surrounding neighborhood. Our design team utilized local artists to capture the essence of the eclectic community as the cornerstone of our design intent." -Lynn Kayne, Vignette.

Developer:                          Crescent Communities

Architect:                           WDG Architecture

General Contractor:     Andres Construction

Interior Designer:           Vignette Interior Design

Photographer:                  Norman and Young

Project Website:              NOVEL Bishop Arts