Pinnacle at Adams by Traditions of America - Community Website



NOMINATED BY: Traditions of America

PROJECT STATEMENT: The builder introduced a new brand that emphasized natural beauty and exclusivity, fewer home sites, larger yards and conservation — without a central clubhouse, unlike its other communities. Designing a microsite on the main website posed challenges to differentiate the new brand, yet remain true to the builder’s overarching messaging/themes. The microsite displays the new product name as distinct, yet cohesive with the overall brand. A different color scheme sets it apart. Viewers learn about new brand through photos, drone footage of home sites and outdoor amenities, and resident testimonials. Measures of success include: 39,060 sessions, 119,147 page views, 669 form submissions, 6.74 pages/session (compared to an average of 3.61 on the main site), and 5:37 time on site (compared to an average of 2:49 on the main site).

BUILDER: Traditions of America
MARKETING FIRM: Creating Results