"Ageless Beauty" for The Palace Coral Gables


Sales or Marketing Event

NOMINATED BY: The Palace Group

PROJECT STATEMENT: The goal was to generate interest in the community, as well as promote positive images of aging. Ageless Beauty, a three-day day multimedia event, illustrated that residents in their 80s, 90s, and beyond were active and led fulfilling lives. The event combined entertainment, enlightenment, and education for prospects, families, and the public, and engaged the community’s residents and their families. Nearly 1,000 people attended over the three-day period. Marketing included print advertising, e-blasts, invitations and calls to prospects, invitations to residents and their families, invitations to targeted lists, pre-event publicity, social media, and community calendars, as well as internal communication (community newsletter and in-house TV channel). Post-event news coverage, social media, and the community’s newsletter maximized the effectiveness of the event.

DEVELOPER: The Palace Group
BUILDER: Coastal Construction
MARKETING FIRM: The Ehlers Group
PROJECT WEBSITE: palacecoralgableslife.com