Prometheus Real Estate Group

WINNER   |   Property Management Firm of the Year

Property Management Firm of the Year

Location:                                  San Mateo, Calif.

Organizational Leader:     Jackie Safier

Company Website:                PROMETHEUS REAL ESTATE GROUP                                     

Nominee Statement:

Prometheus is an organization driven beyond financial success with a deeper purpose. Essentially, there are three truths for them that are unique in the business. Prometheus is truly a family. Prometheus is a family-owned company, which is rare in real estate. Prometheus is the only multifamily company to pay 100% of health care premiums for its employees and their families. Less than 1% of companies in any industry provide this benefit. Prometheus gives in a meaningful way. Over 30% of the cash flow from their properties goes to a foundation focused on health care, arts and education. Through POrCH, Prometheans are able to volunteer on the clock and alongside their residents. They are enduring. Prometheus has been in business for over 50 years, which is unique for any company, particularly real estate. Looking at the Fortune 500 list in 1955, only 12% of those firms remain in business today. Informed by those three truths, its mission is as follows: It creates places, homes and neighborhoods where people belong. It's a family company. It crafts every detail of the experience and every inch of the design. It is a curator. It gives time, efforts and over 30% of its profits to bring positive change locally and beyond. It's Inspired.