Bozzuto Construction Company

FINALIST  |     Multifamily Builder of the Year

Multifamily Builder of the Year

Location:                                 Greenbelt, Md.

Organizational Leader:     Mike Schlegel

Company Website:                BOZZUTO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY                                     

Nominee Statement:

Since their founding in 1988, Bozzuto Construction Company has offered honesty and transparency to their partners while contributing the kind of inspired thinking that transforms the experiences of their future residents, guests, retailers and neighbors into something as impactful as it is extraordinary. With an average annual revenue of $450 million, they are one of the largest residential and mixed-use general contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their ability to leverage the expertise of Bozzuto’s multiple divisions makes them nimble, adaptable, and better at what they do. Bozzuto strives to form and maintain valuable relationships that enable them to create products and experiences their clients are proud of every time we work together.

Since Bozzuto’s beginnings, their story has been one of hard work and reliability. The result is a solid reputation for delivering as promised and standing behind the quality of their work. Built on a strong foundation of core values, their culture is made up of a unique and talented workforce that holds integrity, inclusion, and collaboration in the highest regard. Their devotion to training and team- building programs has significant payoff in forming greater connections between their employees and improving communications with their external audiences. Corporate responsibility begins internally with how Bozzuto treats their employees, and extends through their commitment to the communities they touch. The concern they have for others is central to every interaction, whether with their partners, customers, employees, or those affected by what they do. Their promise to the communities we work in is to build and revitalize spaces that have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.