The Monroe

FINALIST  |     Best Interior Merchandising of a Leasing or Sales Center

Best Interior Merchandising of a Leasing or Sales Center

Nominated By:      Studio Bespoke                                                       Location:    Germantown, Tenn.

Project Statement:

Our vision for the interiors was to embrace the style and vibe of the up and coming surrounding neighborhood. We wanted to blend the surrounding neighborhood into a space that the residents can relate to and enjoy as an extension of their personal homes. We sculpted a style for the interiors to reflect a "craft beer" appearance. Given that the pub lounge offers a kegerator. A style of craft beer that relates to industrial raw materials, through the use of metals, wood, concrete and stone. So many of our residents are moving towards lifestyle changes, and more and more are now working from home. Comfort was a permanent focus for us, as we carefully selected a neutral palate with an array of notable textures and patterns seen throughout. These textures and patterns also keep the interest for conversation. Creating a space that was timeless yet simple, was also a key component for us. The bustling lifestyles of urban living happening day to day allowed us to take a step back and let the finishes, color scheme and textures speak all on their own. The Monroe takes a modern twist on industrial, craft design and adds warmth and texture throughout the space. The multi-level amenities offer something for everyone to enjoy. Our carefully considered placement of furniture promotes socialization among residents.

Developer:                           Price Development Group

Architect:                           BGO Architects

General Contractor:     Price Development Group Construction

Interior Designer:           Studio Bespoke

Photographer:                  Studio Bespoke

Project Website:              The Monroe