Traditions of America Summer Seat Community Launch

Best 55+ Integrated Marketing Strategy or Campaign, Gold, Traditions of America Summer Seat Community Launch
Project Location: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Photographer: N/A
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Project Team
Developer or Builder: Traditions of America
Architect: Holliday Architects
Interior Designer: N/A
Marketing Firm: Creating Results - Strategic Marketing
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Project Statement:
Traditions of America at Summer Seat received 39 deposits in 45 minutes at its launch event on August 20, 2016. This impressive start was the result of the integrated marketing strategy that Creating Results and Traditions developed and implemented to introduce the new 55+ community featuring 133 Single Family and Garden Homes. To launch the community and begin securing deposits, Traditions began a multimedia awareness campaign and held three information session events over three weeks, culminating in a Launch Event. Creating awareness and building urgency among potential homebuyers in Pittsburgh was the intent of the integrated campaign and event series. The initial goal was 150 attendees and 20 deposits by Labor Day. Results exceeded those ambitious goals for several reasons - the consumer-centered approach and the flawless execution of a highly targeted, strategically designed and integrated campaign that increased awareness and fueled desire: 300 Attendees - Exceeded Goal by 150. 75 Site Tours Booked - Exceeded Goal by 25. 39 Reservations Deposits at Launch Event - Exceeded goal by 19. Additional 5 deposits received week after deposit event. To gain efficiency and reach prospects through multiple channels, the campaign connected traditional offline tactics with online channels. (Combining traditional and digital is critical for reaching the 55+ target, as they read their mail and newspapers.) To save money, the campaign leveraged existing familiarity with Tradition's Sewickley Ridge community, by cross-promoting the closeout of Sewickley Ridge and introducing Summer Seat. The campaign sent database leads from Sewickley Ridge - messages tailored to their familiarity with Tradition's extraordinary lifestyle and "Dream Home" customization. "Two great communities, one amazing lifestyle." Alternatively, new leads from purchased lists (direct mail and email) received a different message, introducing them to the Traditions lifestyle and then inviting them to learn about Summer Seat specifically. This segmentation improved consumer engagement through relevant messages and increased response rates. Campaign creative imagery utilized Tradition's well-known brand elements, with photography highlighting the Tradition's lifestyle. Bold colors peaked viewers interest, called their attention to the community's USPs and the desired next step to become a VIP and RSVP for an upcoming event.